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How To Fix The Error Code 0001000c On Epson 7600 Printer?

Epson printer are well known printing devices preferred by infinite number of users across the world but sometimes, you can come across critical error codes such as 0001000c which is usually visible in Epson printers. This error code happens to exists even if users are turning off the device and switching it on.  It will start printing accurately for approximately 10 documents but again the issue will start arising. Now, have us discuss top solutions to B error code 0001000c on Epson 7600 Printer.

Solutions to troubleshoot 0001000c on Epson 7600 Printer

Solution 1: Clear off the counters completely. To do this, perform below steps carefully

  • Turn off the printer first and hold down the “Paper Source, Paper Feed, Select Feed as well as Cut/Eject” buttons at the same time while you are turn the printer on again.
  • Users are needed to navigate through all menus to completely clear off the counter

Solution 2: If the above solution did not work out then, try this one

  • This solution asks users to perform a routine maintenance while keeping ink tanks full.
  • Clean out all the print head with the help of denatured alcohol solvent
  • Now, put up two layers of paper towels in the extreme bottom of a dish to completely protect sensitive sprayer heads.
    Put enough of solvent in the dish to cover the screen completely which the cartridges will stay while in use.
    Take two small screws which will be used to hold white ceramic piece properly
  • Make use of the ceramic piece to completely reveal the underside
  • Now, gently move the head up and down to slosh solvent around it
  • Work with the canned air with a plastic straw to easily blow up through all orifices
  • Now, completely empty your dirty solvent from bowl to replace with paper towels and clean all of the solvent. Soak it for at-least 10 minutes and rinse it again with a clean solvent poured directly on all of the parts.
  • Gently shake the solvent off the head and then, take it outside to spray properly with compressed air into all orifices. This should be done to completely clear out and help evaporate your remaining solvent. Apply a clean paper towel for 20 minutes and then, re-install the head as well as cartridges to print it like a new printer.

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How To Fix Epson Pro 4800 Stylus 00010035 Errors

Epson Stylus is designed to redefine the photographic print quality performance of the printer used by professionals by incorporating the latest features in it.  This further will enhance the printing quality while users are working with the Stylus. But you may come across unexpected error codes such as Epson Pro 4800 Stylus  00010035 Errors and 00010004 in the Pro 4800 model. Well these errors are caused due to pump phase detection error where the position of the pump cannot be detected even if its motor turns at designated amount. Other reason includes damaged pump Phase Sensor or may be due to completely broken power supply fuse for ASF/Pump Motor driver on the MAIN Board.

The error 00010004 is a sign of defect in the motor encoder which occurs at the time of initial operation of power on or during the CR Motor operation.  It is also possible that the encoder pulse signal is not properly placed during intervals. As a result, the message gets displayed by making the printer stop working.  The error is also caused due to inverted wiring of A and B pulses as well as the CR Motor. So we have steps to fix  Epson Pro 4800 Stylus  00010035 Errors .

 Epson Pro 4800 Stylus 00010035 Errors

Steps to troubleshoot Epson Pro 4800 Stylus  00010035 Errors and 00010004 errors

Solution to error 00010035 and 00010004 are as follows:

For 00010035 error code

  • Check whether or not recovery is possible by turning the power OFF and back ON. If it is the case where the error seems to be recurring, then, it is recommended to replace the Pump Phase Sensor immediately. Also, users can easily replace the C593 MAIN Board.

For 00010004 error code

  • Perform a proper check to see if the CR Scale for detection of the encoder pulse is completely removed or not? The next thing is to have check for any dust particles such as paper dust or if there have been any damage to the CR Scale. Check the CR Encoder Sensor connector connection, Motor Assy. and the CR connector. You need to have a check whether the CR Timing Belt Tension Adjustment is properly done or not? Users are advised to replace the CR Encoder Sensor, the Motor Assy., CR 7 as well as the C593 MAIN Board.

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How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0001001B?

The error is usually known as a “SERVICE REQ” error and a “Head driver (TG) temperature” issue
which causes printer to stop operating when it detects any abnormal internal temperature of the print-head. This process is executed with the help of thermistor located in the head while users are printing documents without firing ink from its nozzles. Epson printer’s print-head internal temperature then rises because of its printing operation without even firing ink. As a result it leads to a breakdown of the print-head, poor contact, short and disconnection of tape electric wires and the last consequence is a main board failure. Such critical errors lead to CPU damage.  Below are methods described to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0001001B.

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 0001001B

Methods to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 0001001B

Method 1: Checking if the Printer Can Recover from the Error

  • In this method users are suggested to go for a check if the printer can recover from the error by just turning it OFF and ON. If it does not work out then, it is advised to replace the print head as well as the main board of the printer.

Method 2: If the first method did not work out then, try this out

  • Users are suggested to purchase a bottle of cleaning fluid which should be around 4 oz., pint, and gallon sizes.
  • Turn on the printer and press the ink button and unplug the printer when the cartridge goes to the load cartridge position. Again switch off the power so that the printer does not start up while the power cord is plugged in.
  • Open up the ink cartridge and then, remove all of the ink cartridges and place them on a blotter surface because ink may leak out of the cartridge. Pour little bit of head cleaning fluid into the other container to ensure that the main bottle is not contaminated while cleaning process is going on.
  • Dip little bit of clean cotton swab into the fluid and then, apply bulge of ink cartridge slot at one end of the printer ink cartridge which is located at the top. A flashlight will appear which will help illuminate all of the ports. Take cotton swabs) and blot up fluids completely. Repeat the process twice or thrice with fresh cotton swabs.
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  • Move on to the next cartridge port and repeat the above step. When all ink ports are completely cleaned, just use a fresh cotton swab and dry the ink cartridge completely. Remove any left out cotton fibers which may be lingering.
  • Dampen a fresh cotton swab and then pick up the first ink cartridge to reinstall it. Place the cotton into the port with a turning motion until the swab end is 1/3 to 1/2 the distance of the cotton. Turn twice or thrice and remove the cotton swab to install the ink cartridge.
  • When all ink cartridges have been installed, do ensure that the power switch is in the off position. Plug in the power cord again.
  • Turn on the printer when the printer completes its initialization process. Run a head cleaning cycle from the printer utility now. Activate a nozzle pattern checkup mode.
  • If the nozzle pattern is not accurate then, turn off the printer and allow it to sit for 12 hours.
  • Repeat the head cleaning or nozzle check section.
  • If a head still continues to misprinting then, fill an empty cartridge with a cleaning fluid. Put it in the bad position and then, run a head cleaning cycle. Turn off the printer and wait for few days. Perform this test again.
  • Consider replacing it if the error in clog does not clear.


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Fix Epson Printer T3 Error Code 20000010
How To Fix Epson Printer T3 Error Code 20000010?

The error is usually a general error which occurs every time when a user is trying to load any paper at time he/she is trying to print out documents. Further the error is a result of damaged paper which happens while making an attempt to load a paper and it unexpectedly falls off. Further, it is quite possible that papers are stucked off inside the printer device which may lead to triggering of the loading mechanism. So, this is the only reason why this issue occurs. Well, we have solutions to fix Epson Printer T3 error code 20000010 with appropriate answers.

 Epson Printer T3 Error Code 20000010

Solutions to troubleshoot Epson Printer T3 error code 20000010

Solution 1: Clean off all foil contacts in the printer

To rectify this issue faster, users are requested to first break the cartridge in and out for few times. If this does not seems to be work our then, it is advised to remove the printer cartridge directly from the printer and then completely clean off the foil contacts. One needs to be very cautious while doing this and make sure that they do not wipe out the nozzles from where the ink comes out. The next thing is to insert the cartridge and then, switch on the printer. Well, this will definitely solve your issue but if it does not then, try out our second solution.

Solution 2: Try out this second method to resolve this error

Make sure that your printer is directly connected to the computer via USB cable. Now, your reset utility will not work properly if you are working over network connection 2. Users who are trying to run the utility on Vista or on Windows 7, it will also not work. All the software should be run in a compatibility mode. The next thing is to download the “Adjustment utility” to adjust the appropriate system’s date as well as time as per as instructions given. Now, right click on the “Adjprog” icon and then, select the “Properties“option. Users are now advised to choose the “compatibility” option and click on the “WINDOWS XP“icon. Find and then select the “Run as Administrator” icon and tap on the “OK” button which is located right at the bottom of the “Additional notes” icon. This is followed in case if a user is working on Windows 7.

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How To Fix printer Error Code 6203
How To Fix printer Error Code 6203

The error code “6203” usually happens while the scanner home is not at all detected during the installation process of the printer. There are various reasons behind the error code 6203 which gets displayed mostly while the printed calibrated sheet is directly put into the tray for the purpose of scanning issues as well as the push button is pressed. Well, we have solutions to fix error code 6203 with detailed explanation of each step.

  printer Error Code 6203

Solution to troubleshoot fix error code 6203
Error code “6203” cab be solved by following our instructions carefully. Users are advised to open the access door of the printer and then, disconnect the power adapter from that. The next step is to wait for at least 30 seconds for the printer to get the reset button working. Now, connect the power adapter back to the printer again. Now, turn on the printer again if it is needed. Once you get to know that the printer gets powered on, a message will be displayed as a “Printer access door open gets displayed”. This message will pop-up where the next step will be to close the access door of the printer device.

When you actually need a professional guidance?

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There may be a situation where the printer device does not respond to the corrective measures applied by you and behaves in an odd way. In such cases, a direct involvement may worsen the situation rather than solving it. You will also notice that there is a hardware issue which may cause in capable of using with the printer’s hardware device. So, here one needs to approach for a professional help immediately.  Proceed to our below contact details to take a professional help if still in confusion.

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How to Restore an accidentally deleted printer back to computer
How to Restore an accidentally deleted printer back to computer

Epson printer are well known devices used by thousands of users worldwide. But sometimes these printers can suffer from severe technical faults such as restoring accidentally deleted printers issue which occurs due to freezing problems, data corruption technical problems, system crash problems and other corrupted issues of the restored printer are responsible for such faults. Users here are always advised to perform repair actions such as file scan, threat scan as well as registry optimization process with the help of suitable program files. Below we will introduce you steps to fix Restore an accidentally deleted printer back to computer .

 Restore an accidentally deleted printer back to computer

Steps to troubleshoot restore accidentally deleted printer back to computer issue

Step 1: System Restore

Users are advised to work with the system restore software to recover their device as well as its working configuration issue. It will help users to restore the system configuration back to its normal state to enable you work properly. Also it will help undo all deleted action performed by the user.

Step 2: Restoring system

It can easily be done by accessing the folder of OS ‘Start’ menu. You will come across various options to allow themselect from a number of created restore points and choose one which was created at the time when printer was installed.Now reboot the system to restore its working configuration back to normal mode. The deleted printer can easily be accessed from the ‘Control Panel’ where the system will restart after the restore operation has been performed.

Step 3: Reinstallation of the device

Work with the ‘Add Printer’ options in the ‘Control Panel’ to select the software from the available listed icons in the ‘Add printer’ menu. The next thing is to install the printer in the system. Restart the system if necessary to recover and work with the deleted printer with no further issues.

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How to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network
How to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network?

Connect Epson printer L355 wirelessly when you bring your new printer home, you will need to install the software which came with the new printer to start it. Setting the printer to wirelessly, will help you to print the document or file from all over the home or office area. There are three ways to set up printer including the Epson method, through cables, and WPS. To resolve is you need to use WPS, which is more difficult; you need to check your router and observe if it has a sticker on it which says Wi-Fi Protected Setup. If that sticker is ON the router you will have to use the WPS to set up your printer. In case, you are previously using WPS and then you don’t need to use it for this installation, might be it will turn into a cause of your whole wireless network to fail. Whereas through the Epson method, you don’t require cables and it offers setup without the possibility of network failure. Well, don’t worry about it anything, because you can do it very easily. Here the blog will explain you How to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network. You just need to follow the below steps to solve the problem.

Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network

Steps to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network

Follow the steps below to enable Epson Connect to your Epson printer in Windows computer.

  • Make sure your Epson printer is set up with a wireless or Ethernet connection. If not, then you can do it, by going to the Epson Support main page, then select your product, then select “Manuals”, and then hit on “Start Here”.
  • Then download and install the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” through visiting the official site.
  • Read the “End-User License Agreement”, and then click “Next” button.
  • Next, hit on “Install” and then “Finish”.
  • Now you will need to select your product and then click “Next” button.
  • Then choose “Printer Registration” radio button, and then click “Next”.
  • Next, choose “Agree” button, and then click “Next” button.
  • After then you will see the “Register a printer to Epson Connect” message, so, click on “OK” option.
  • Now you will need to do one of the following:
  • If you are creating a new account, then you will need to fill out the form for “Create an Epson Connect Account”, and tap on “Finish” button.
  • If you are registering a new product with an existing account, then you will need to select “I already have an account”, and then fill out the form for “Add a new printer” form, and then tap on “Add” button.
  • Next, click “Close” button.

Now, you are successfully connected your Epson Printer L355 to WIFI Network, so check it by printing the document.

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Epson Printer Error
How To Fix W-02 Epson Printer Error?

The Epson printer error W-02 is a result of the paper jam problem while users are working with the printer device. Other issues such as improper feeding of the paper into the device and paper does not properly is ejected. Well, users should not get worried about it as we have top ways to fix W-02 Epson Printer error with proper explanation.

Steps to troubleshoot W-02 Epson Printer error

Fix W-02 Epson Printer Error

Step 1: Solve the issues of “Paper Does Not Feed Correctly”

If paper is not placed accurately then, you are suggested to remove it from the sheet feeder. The next thing which is needed is simply to reload it against the right side, right behind the tab. Now you are requested to press in the tab which is found located on the left edge and slide it little more against the paper. If it is found that users have placed multiple pages at a time then, it is suggested to remove the paper from the sheet feeder and is needed to fan the edges to separate the sheets. Reload it later. It is recommended for users to load up-to certain amount of sheets. Make use of all new, smooth, high-quality paper quality to load the printable side up. Be careful not to load the paper with holes punched in it for the purpose of insertion in a binder.

Step 2: Clear out all paper Jam

Gently pull out all the jammed paper from the output tray. Check whether the paper is stuck inside the device or not and turn off the Epson printer. Lift up the scanner and then, remove the jammed paper or any kind of torn pieces by lowering out the scanner. Now turn on the printer again.\

Step 3: Check for any ejected paper issue

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If the paper doesn’t eject completely then, try to set the wrong paper size. Now, carefully press the “Start” button and open up the scanner to remove the paper swiftly. Select the appropriate paper size when you are prompted to reprint. Load new papers if it is still found to be in jammed condition

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How To Fix Epson Printer Error W-13 Code?
How To Fix Epson Printer Error Code W-12?

Epson printers are one of the most widely used printing devices used by people across the world due to its advanced printing functionality. But sometimes while working with the device, it is quite possible that users have come across an error code known as W-12. The Epson printer W-12 error code is usually a result of not able to recognize the printer device’s ink cartridge(s) which is shown on the LCD screen. But here we have provided users with topmost ways to fix Epson printer error code W-12 with detailed explanation of each of them.

Steps to troubleshoot Epson printer error code W-12

Step 1: Replace the Ink Cartridge

Your printer device and its software will automatically inform about when an ink cartridge is low or comes to obsolete use. So, if an ink cartridge becomes expended then, users will come across a message on the printer’s LCD screen which is a clear indication that they must replace it perform the printing task, copy task as well as scanning task back to normal mode.

Step 2: Remove and Install Cartridges

  • Make sure that you have the replacement cartridge before you begin the process. One needs to install cartridges right after removing the old one. It is advised for users not to open the ink cartridge packages till they are ready to install the ink. It is because cartridges are a kind of vacuum packed to maintain its reliability.
  • Turn the printer device on and check if the cartridge is obsolete or not? If so then, it will ask prompt users to replace it.
  • Now press the start button and click the “setup” icon
  • Press the “right and left” arrow to select the types of ink cartridge. Press the ‘start” button
  • Open the scanner device as well as the cartridge cover
  • Press the cartridge for some time and lift it in straight position to remove carefully.
  • Shake the cartridge well at-least four to five times
  • Now, carefully remove the cartridge from the package
  • Insert the new cartridge from the holder and then gently push it down till it adjusts to its original position
  • Once the cartridge is replaced, you need to close its cover and carefully push it downwards
  • Now again press the ‘start” button to start filling the ink
  • If it is found that ink replacement message is visible on the LCD screen then, you are suggested to press the “start” button

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How To Fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error?

The Epson printer Carriage Jam error occurs due to wide number of reasons like obstructions in the carriage path of the printer, a paper jam technical issues, issues encountered with the printer’s product software. While this error occurs, users will automatically get to know that the carriage is completely stuck and there will be a grinding noise inside the printing because of the actuator arm which is stuck inside. If this actuator arm is destroyed then, it restricts the printer’s carriage from moving swiftly. Well, we have implemented steps to fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam error with detailed explanation of each of them

 Epson Printer Carriage Jam Error

Steps to troubleshoot fix Epson Printer Carriage Jam error

Step 1: Solve the hardware problem

  • If users are coming across a ‘carriage jam’ error then, it is recommended for them to turn on the Epson printer with no task currently running.
  • The next step will be to check for any piece of paper whether they are stuck inside the carriage or not. Now, remove papers carefully by ensuring that the no paper is torn off while taking out any paper because little bit of paper can easily damage the product.
  • Turn off the printer now and open it to check whether there are any paper stuck inside. If it is so then, manually move the carriage toward the opposite side of it and check for any paper path. Remove any stucked paper inside the path.
  • Reconnect the power cord of the printer device and turn on the printer.

Step 2: Defective hardware

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  • Defective hardware problems is also one of the main cause of the printer carriage jam issue which includes paper feed roller problems and the other one is fuser unit issues. When the paper feed rollers wear out then, multiple sheets of paper may have got stuck resulting in the paper jam.
  • Now if the Fuser unit hardware errors is there then, the issues is applied to laser printers only.
  • So, both of these two hardware issues must be solved instantly so as to avoid all the carriage jam problems


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