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Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error 9923
How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Error 9923?

The Epson Printer Error 9923 generally occurs when you are trying to use scan on Epson from the Mac with El Capitan. This also knows a communication error. After getting this error, often you may not be able to scan.

Then don’t take tension about it, you can easily Fix Epson Printer Error 9923, just by simply following some steps which are given below. To come out the situation, you could also take help from the Epson Pinter Technical Support professionals, and get comprehensive support. Continue reading

Troubleshoot Epson Printer 9600 Error Code 0040
How to Fix Epson Printer 9600 Error Code 0040?

If your Epson Printer 9600  is giving error code 0040, while you are working with it, that means your Printer failed to print and need maintain it. This error indicates that the Pump/Cap/Cleaning assembly has been almost reached the end of its life and soon may fail. Well, as defined by the Epson printer tech support team, this type of problem can be easily solved. So you don’t require taking tension anymore. You can easily Fix Epson Printer 9600 Error Code 0040, just by following some troubleshooting steps which are given below.

Fix Epson Printer 9600 Error Code 0040

Solutions to Troubleshoot Epson Printer 9600 Error Code 0040:-

Solution 1:-

  • First, you will need to open the “menu”, and then choose “System Preferences” and then “Sharing”.
  • Then you will see there is a name in the “Computer Name field”, so rename your computer.
  • Now close the “Sharing” window.
  • Choose “System Preferences”, and then “Print & Fax or Print & Scan” option.
  • Then choose your printer in the Printer list and then tap on “Options and Supplies.
  • Now choose “General”, if essential. Then enter the computer name that you entered in above step, In the Location field.
  • Tap on “OK” button.
  • Now try printing again.

If still error appearing, then go to next solution.

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Solution 2:- Check Printing Setting

You should try to check all your print settings in the “Print module” of LR. If you find there is any Preset selected or Saved Print settings, then you need to create a New Print. Might be it will help to solve out the Epson printer Error Code 0040.  If not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Cleaning the Ink Caps on the Epson Printer 9600

  • First, open the main window of the Printer.
  • Then press down on the cutter and move the carriage to the left side.
  • Now find the capping pad, which should be a multicolor fabric pad, usually orange and black.
  • With an eyedropper of distilled water, soak the pad to the point of spill over.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes while it allocates the water to be absorbed.
  • Repeat the process 2- 3 times, and return the carriage to its original position while still wet.
  • Wait 3-4 minutes again while it takes time for absorption.
  • Run a standard clean cycle (not a power clean).

After performing the above steps, still if your Epson Printer is showing Error Code 0040, then simply need to upgrade to the latest printer model, or you should contact Epson customer support team to immediate fixes it.

Dial Epson Printer Customer Service Support Phone Number To Avail Online Help:-

Epson Printer Support Phone Number

You can dial Epson Printer Support Phone Number anytime from anywhere and receive finest online assistance by the talented and experienced Epson Customer support experts. The number is toll-free and available 24×7 days for your instant help. The proficient techies will get you the best possible troubleshooting instructions to fix this error. In addition, you can get comprehensive guidance and reliable solution to fix other kinds of Epson printer issues or errors. Hence, call at phone number to get prompt help & support for Epson printer queries.

How To Fix Epson Error Code 0xF3?

This Epson error code may occur due to foreign objects that are stuck inside the printer or any other printer obstructions are being found. The error is further found to happen while the carriage reaches its rightmost home position. These are just only few reasons but also, it can happen due to clogged or disconnected ink-vacuum tubes in Epson printers.  Our professional team members have found solution to fix Epson Error Code 0xF3 that are quite easy for users to follow.

Fix Epson Error Code 0xF3

Steps to Fix Epson Error Code 0xF3

Step 1: Remove few illegal components of printer

  • Remove all the external Epson printer component including ink tanks and then remove the Windows system as well as the rear component of the Epson printer

Step 2: Managing the ink level

  • The next step will be to dismount the printer’s ink lever carefully and then, remove the front panel screws of the printer

Step 3: Working with the printer’s LCD panel

  • To remove the error, users are suggested to dismount the LCD as well as the front panel of the device.
  • Now de-attach the back panel screws of the Epson printer to deal with the process carefully

Step 4: Removing the main back cover

  • Users are suggested to remove the main back section to deal efficiently with the LCD display features
  • Gently clean up the left encoder section of the printer device with the help of dry cleenex tissue paper
  • Next users are suggested to gently clean the right encoder of the device with the help of dry cleenex paper

Step 5: Testing the printer

  • If users are needed to test the printer then, they need carefully insert the paper and the cover 2 switch with the help of paper scotch tool.
  • At last, you need to remount the printer carefully but before make sure that you have removed the scotch by following steps in reversing mode.

 Epson Printer Support

For more such Epson issues, dial at Epson Printer Support Number!

Dial at Epson Printer Customer Support to resolve issues faster by getting in touch with our technicians. We are fully engrossed with a team of proficient and skillful technicians who holds deep knowledge of resolving every minute to minute issue. Technicians are available 24*7 hours to assist users in fixing up any type of Epson issues.

Fix Epson Printer Driver C363b Error
How To Fix Epson Printer Error E-01?

This Epson Printer error E-01 is found to be occurred in the Epson Service Manual which indicates a type of fatal error. It simply signifies that the printer is incapable to finish the self-test process. When users are trying to power ON the printer it begins to check for all systems. If it is found that it is unable to finish the self test process then, the printer will come up with an error message as mentioned above. So here, we will guide you with few steps to fix Epson printer error E-01 with deep explanation of each step.

Steps to Fix Epson Printer Error E-01

Fix Epson Printer Error E-01

Step 1: Turn on/off the printer power button

  • The very first step is to turn off the printer power button and then unplug the power cable from wall outlet for at-least 5 minutes.
  • Now, simply power on the printer again to check whether the error still exists or not.

Step 2: Managing the lock of the printer

  • Make sure you have completely removed the transportation lock of the printer.
    The next step is to store the transportation lock carefully.

Step 3: Managing the CD tray

  • If it is the case that the printer’s CD tray is in the eject position then, make sure that you have pressed the CD Tray button to retract the tray to its original storage position.
  • Be careful never to push or pull the CD tray into the wrong position.
  • Now turn off the Epson printer and make sure that there is no paper left which may lead to paper jam issue inside the unit.

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Step 4: Checking the printer cartridge

  • If the printer is installed with the CISS then, make sure that its carriage is easily movable towards left and right side.
  • The printer’s upper scanner part should be closed tightly.

Step 5: Perform a check-up process.

  • Now perform a thorough check of the entire unit whether it is accurately functioning or not?
    If a user is working with the printer which is installed with CISS then, it is quite possible that there are ink tubes preventing to move carriage from left to right.
  • The next step for users is to install original Epson ink cartridges and then, run the printer.

Step 6: Access the cartridge

  • The last phase is simply to access the cartridge loading area while the printer is in off-mode and then, move the carriage right away from the stop.
  • At last, carefully disassemble the printer and then, clean all its optical sensors, paper feed sensors, encoder strip as well as disc encoder.

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Epson Wireless Printer Technical Support Services

Call our technicians at Epson Printer Customer Support who possess deep skills in resolving every minute to minute Epson printer technical faults by delivering users highly optimized answers. We are available 24*7 hours a day to assist users anytime as and when needed by them. Your just one call will enable our technicians reach out to you at your doorstep.

how to fix Epson Printer Error 6000
How to Fix Epson Printer Error 6000?

When you are experiencing the error 6000 on your Epson printer that means the error it has been the result of a deep paper jam with pins, papers or other diverse objects. On receiving this type of message Error 6000 on your Computer/Printer display screen, and you are unable to print, that time you do not require to take tension about it. Simply saying you can easily Fix Epson printer error 6000, by just pursuing the easy procedure or steps.

Steps to Repair Epson Printer Error 6000:-

Epson Printer Error 6000

Step 1: – Check Paper Tray

When you command printing when the tray is covered, and then the Error 6000 error occurs suddenly. In such case, you should try to remove any physical objects is placed in front of the machine, and cover the tray. Then try to verify that the paper tray is correctly set or not.

Step 2: – Check Pieces of Paper

If the above step is not working to eradicate the Error 6000 and problem is persisting, then you should try to fix it manually. Something may block the paper feed tray from opening. Then search for any small pieces of paper in the printer, or a tiny object to fix this issue.

Step 3: – Turn OFF Printer to Troubleshoot Error

You should do your Printer ON and OFF to troubleshoot the problems.

  • First, turn ON the printer and command printing again.
  • Then, turn OFF your Epson printer.
  • Power off the printer
  • Wait at least 5-6 minutes.
  • Then back ON Printer and then the printer will be ready for printing.
  • Next give the command to print again and then check the error is resolved.

If it is not resolved, then go to the next step.

Step 4: – Clean the Encoder and PrintHead

You should try to clean the encoder strip with a soft cloth. May be there is any small miscellaneous objects, creating a problem in printing and displaying Epson Printer Error 6000.

Also, clean the print head on the Epson Printer for smooth functionality.

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Step 5: – Check Your Epson Printer Parts

After performing the steps, if still Epson Printer Error 6000 existing, then you have require to ensure your Epson Printer parts that are working fine. May be there are any fault one of these Epson printer parts:

  • Timing sensor unit QM2-2683
  • Timing slit disk film QC1-6229
  • Logic board ass’y QM2-3078
  • Paper feed motor QK1-1502\
  • Feed roller ass’y QL2-0925
  • Platten unit QM2-2923

If you find any fault or error in these parts, then you should have it repaired immediately, or you are unable to resolve it yourself, then you should take help via Epson printer experts.

Contact to Epson Printer Customer Support Number for Help :-

Epson Printer Support

You can call at Epson Printer Support Number, which is available 24×7 days based at your convenience. By connecting the number, you will connect with the Epson customer support team, where well-experienced and certified technicians will give you comprehensive guidance to fix this issue. The experts will help to fix your any kind of Epson Printer issues with the best possible solutions in a less time. Alternatively, you can connect with techies to getting instant support through various modes, includes Online Live Chat, Email, and Remote support. Hence, call us now at toll-free number to receiving prompt help to Epson Printer queries.

epson printer light blinking
How to Fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking?

The blinking lights on the Epson WorkForce 7110 indicate a fault of the waste inkpad counter. Actually, depending on the Epson Printer model, your printer consumes ink not only for printing, but as well for other operations like cleaning. Therefore, a certain amount of ink is wasted and is recovered by the waste inkpad. This thing confusing the users, as many people think that their printer will count the amount of waste ink, but in point of fact, it’s not so, the printer counts the number of printed pages. To Fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking, the users need to reset the waste inkpad counter that stored in the EEProm on the main board of the Epson Printer 7110.

Simple Methods to Fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking:-

Fix Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking

Method 1: – Replace EEProm Store Waste Ink Pad Counter of Epson WF-7110 printer

The fact is that, to finding EEProm model is a little difficult task for users, EEPROM (IC counter) often Epson printer manufacturer company does not give. However, in case, if users know their EEProm model, then they can easily replace EEProm, as generally, EEProm is not compatible, then the printer would not reset the inkpad and the printer will not work properly.

The best suggestion for users to should go to the next method.

Method 2: -Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter of Epson WF-7110 by WIC Software

The users need to pursue this second method to troubleshoot Epson Printer 7110 Error Light Blinking. Well, before starting the method, the user requires downloading WIC Software for Windows, or Mac as per their OS from the official site. After then the WIC software works with keys, so users could access easily to use.

Follow these steps to reset waste inkpad counter for fixing Epson Printer error light blinking:-

  • First, connect the computer to the Internet via cable.
  • Then connect the printer to a computer with USB cable.
  • Stop all the print jobs or works and turn OFF, then ON the Epson printer.
  • Wait a few seconds until the paper and ink light of printer blinks alternately.
  • Then unzip file “Waste Ink Pad Reset” Software that users downloaded as per their OS.
  • Next, run the program wicreset.exe
  • Wait for some time until WIC reset software starts up completely.
  • Then hit on the Read Waste Counters to verify counter status before performing a reset.

In this way, the problem can be easily solved.

Contact Epson Printer Customer Support Number For Instantaneous Support :-

Epson Support number

After performing the above methods, still the error persisting, they the users should take online guidance & help by proficient experts to fix Epson Printer 7110 Error light blinking immediately call at Epson Printer Customer Support Number 1-8002138289. The customer support team is well experienced and certified, as techies can simply handle any kind of Epson Printer 7110 related errors or technical issues. They will help users in resolving all types of Epson Printer related queries with the comprehensive answers and instructions in a very short time. Hence, dial a toll-free number to connect with the technical professionals, who are available 24×7 for help.

Fix Can't Scan Over Network Error
How To Fix Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson Printer?

The “Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson printer occurs if users have turned off the scanner and they have incorrectly established a connection and there are no errors indicated. It also occurs if you have not performed the restart process of the computer after the installation of the scanning software. Users here in this blog will be introduced with detailed description of each step where it will teach you how to troubleshoot cannot scan in network in Epson printer.

Steps to Fix Can’t Scan Over Network Error in Epson printer

Fix Can't Scan Over Network Error

Step 1: Event Manager Program

  • Make sure the “Event Manager program” is not blocked by the firewall or any via other security software. Start the Epson Scan process before scanning with thestart button.
  • Now, users are needed to launch the Epson scan process before scanning from the scanner button.
  • It is to be noted that if a large part of the document is being scanned at a high resolution, a network communication error may surely occur. So, making attempt to scan again at a lower resolution is recommended.

Step 2: Turn off The Scanner

  • If you are unable to restart the Epson Scan, turn off your scanner, turn it back on and restart the Epson Scan again.
  • Check for the proper connectivity settings to test whether the Epson Scan Settings connection processes well or not?
  • Make sure that the “Connection setting” is set to the Network mode and then click on the Test button.
  • If you are using OS X then, open the “Applications folder” first and hit on the Epson Software icon
  • Tap on the “EPSON Scan” Settings icon to establish a Connection setting to the Network accurately. Hit on the “Test” button now. Proceed to next step to solve “cannot scan over network issue” in Epson scanners

Step 3: Disabling Firewall And Other Anti-virus 

  • Make sure that you have chosen the “Timeout Setting” option in the Epson Scan Settings to complete scanning over a network process.
  • Next, disable the firewall and any anti-virus software on the wireless router.
  • If the message appears as “Network product is not available: currently being used by user” then, there communication issue is the cause between the scanner and the computer. Restart the scanner in this case.
  • Make use of the “Epson Scan on a network” process which supports IPv4.
  • At last, just open the Epson Scan Settings icon, hit on “Add” icon, and enter the IP address for your scanner.

Dial at Epson Customer Support Number 1-800-213-8289 for Solving Epson Scanner issues!

Epson Printer Support

Get in touch with Epson Customer Support professionals to get world-class support solutions 24*7 that are comprehensive to experience by users. We are happy to assist customers in their difficult times as and when faced by them. Our solutions are unique in nature which makes us stand distinguished from other brand. Call us now and solve issues instantly.

How to Fix Epson Printer Error
How to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e- Operation Failed?

The Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e is common error occurs when you try to install a network printer on a computer that is running Windows 7. The receiving message of error 0x00000052e indicates that your “Windows cannot connect to the printer”. The problem happened at the time when your credentials on the Windows 7 do not match the credentials, which are stored on the print server. The error message “0x0000052e” sometimes shows “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password”. Well, you can easily Fix Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e, just by following the simple procedure.

How Can You Fix Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e- Operation Failed

Steps To Fix Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e :-

Step 1: – Enter the Correct credentials in the authentication window

You have required doing one thing is that, before adding the network printer, you should open a Command Prompt window, and then type the following command at the command prompt. Make sure that you enter the correct credentials in the authentication window:


start \\<servername>\<printername>

Note: In the above command, the place of <servername> shows the name of the print server and <printername> shows the share name of the printer.

By doing this thing, maybe your problem resolved.

Step 2: -Store a Trusted Credential in Credential Manager

  • Go to the “Control Panel”, and open “Credential Manager” option.
  • Hit on the “Add a Windows credential”.
  • When a dialog box appears, then enter an appropriate print server name.
  • Then, enter a username and password, which are trusted on the print server.
  • Hit on “OK” button.
  • If the problem is not resolved, then go to the next step.

Step 3: – Add Printer by Stopping Services

Often users face a problem with their window7-64 bit and trying to connect to a printer on another window7-64 bit PC and get the same error code. Thus, you need to follow these steps to fix it.

  • Go the computer option, right on it, and then choose “Manage” option.
  • Maybe you will need to enter as admin password to open the window.
  • Hit on the “services and applications”, and then tap on “services”.
  • Then scroll down to the “print spooler” right-click and then choose “properties”.
  • Hit on the “STOP” to stop the service, and then hit on “START” to start the service.
  • Then you can start the “add printers” wizard and can work fine.

I hope your problem is resolved.

Epson Support number

Call at Epson Printer Customer Support Number To Get Online Support:-

If, this issue is persisting, then you can contact at Epson Printer Support Number to connect with our certified and experienced tech support team. This toll-free number is available 24×7 for your help, so you can avail efficient and instant support to your Epson Printer error. Hence, call us now to our proficient technicians to get immediate solutions to Epson Printer issues or errors.

How to Fix Epson printer error code 0x97 MacBook pro
How to Fix Epson printer error code 0x97 MacBook pro?

If your Epson printer started having problems, you are receiving Epson Printer Error code 97 MacBook pro, while using your Epson Printer? Then don’t worry about it.  This is a common error which can occur at any time without showing any warning message. You might be working with the Epson printer machine for a long time, and then such situation, there is a high chance of getting this type of error.

Epson printer error code 0x97

Epson Error code 97 generally happens due of an internal hardware issue, where their motherboard fails all of sudden or may be suddenly it stops printing. The causes are damaged system files, missing file, corrupt files and others. The best way to easily deal with this problem is to perform some below steps to quickly eradicate.

If you are very disappointed due to this problem, then you should connect with our Epson live chat support team for obtaining the complete information & guidance. The technicians can give you the best instruction or troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

Steps to Fix Epson printer error code 0x97 MacBook pro

Step1: Unplug and Plug-in

  • Open your Epson printer casing and you should verify for any jammed paper or debris. If you find any, then remove it.
  • Next, you have to remove all printing cartridges.
  • Then disconnect the power and the USB cables.
  • When you unplugged or disconnected your Printer, then you need to press the power button as if you wanted to switch power on. This thing will discharge residual currents.
  • Now you need to reconnect all the USBs and turn on the power cable.
  • Turn on your Epson printer and check for the error.

Step2: Check Wet Tissue

Often this code display, when the waste ink around head sprayer.  So, cleaning that waste ink with a wet tissue and surely your problem will solve.

Follow the steps to cleanup procedure.

  • Turn off your printer, and then open the printer casing.
  • Obtain a wet tissue with the warm water.
  • Next, move the head to the center.
  • Now, put the tissue in the head cleaning mechanic pad.
  • Move the head to the parking spot.
  • Now wait for a few minutes, and then remove the tissue and close all the things.
  • Next, turn on the printer and check if the error is still our not. Repeat the above step2 2-3 times, if it doesn’t work the first time.

Step 3: Scan and Fix

Follow the steps to repair Epson Printer Error 97:-

  • First of all download the 0x97 fix patch.
  • Press the “Scan” button.
  • Next, hit on ‘Fix’ and then finish the repair process.


In case, if you have any doubt or problem to follow the above steps, then immediately connect with our Epson Printer Customer Support team for immediate help. Our proficient customer support experts are available at your service 24/7 to resolve your queries.

Fix Error 0x60 Or 60H Of Epson B-300 & B-500 printers
Steps To Fix Error 0x60 Or 60H Of Epson B-300 & B-500 printers

The Epson printer B-300 and B-500 model error 0x60 or 60H in Epson printers are a result of sensor issues. These sensors are commonly known as PW sensors that are attached to the Epson printers. This particular error can also execute in other Epson printer models such as B-300, B-500, B-308, B-508DN, B-310N, B-318N, B-510DN, B-518DN. But our expert technicians have found a convincing solution with various steps to fix errors 0x60 or 60H of Epson B-and B-500 printers.

Steps to Fix Error 0x60 Or 60H Of Epson B-300 & B-500 printers

 Epson eeror

Step 1: Cleaning the sensor

  • Clean out the sensor part with rod cotton by slightly moisturizing it. The sensor will be indicated by number 2

Step 2: Check for any further error

  • Verify that there is no piece of paper or even a tiny object left under the carriage at its right side to remove the Epson printer B-300 and B-500 model error 0x60 or 60H.
  • Look for the stalled printer to check if there are any other errors like Epson error 0xF2 or 0xF3
  • If these errors occur then, follow all the given below steps as instructed

Steps to repair Epson B-510DN model error 0xF2 or 0xF3

Step1: External component removal process

  • Remove the external component first and the ink tank, Windows operating as well as the rear component

Step2: Dismounting the ink

  • Next users are requested to dismount the Ink lever and remove the Front panel screws carefully
  • Next, simply dismount the LCD panel

Step3: Removing the front panel

  • Remove all the back side screws very carefully and the other back section screws as well.
  • Next you need to find the “I” back the LCD display

Step4: Working with Ethernet

  • Remove the Ethernet section next
  • You are requested to remove the main back section by carefully paying attention to LCD display
  • Users are needed to gently clean its left encoder portion with the help of dry and a clean tool
  • If users are wishing to test the printer, then they are requested to insert a paper and cover 2 switch with the help of paper scotch material.
  • Remount your printer carefully before removing the scotch provided if you wish to use it by following them in reverse mode.

Steps to fix Epson xp-320 error code 0x60 By Epson Support

Epson Printer Support

For more related Epson printer queries, give us a call at Epson Printer Customer Support department and get instant solution. We are available 24*7 hours to assist users in resolving their critical issues anytime.